At ARS we are part of the Triple Excellence club. This is an exclusively earned membership through GAF.
Being a part of the TE club means that we have installed an extensive number of GAF certified
warranties. Our roofs are also randomly inspected by certified GAF inspectors to assure we are
maintaining the quality needed to be a part of this prestigious membership. Only Master Elite status and
above can offer the warranties we install on every roof. From the underlayment all the way up to the
shingles we will be installing GAF material, and it's all backed and covered by the manufacturer. EVEN
THE LABOR! So, call us today to learn more about why ARS has been so highly recognized by our
manufacturer, and highly recommended by numerous homeowners! We offer free inspections and free
assessments, no matter the size or complexity of the job, trust Arrow to complete it correctly in Riverview, Southgate, & Battle Creek, MI.