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I Can’t Afford This Project…Wrong!

Get Help with Financing

At Arrow, we understand that next to your home and your car, a new roof purchase is one of the most important and costly purchases made. With the roof being the most essential component of the structure, it is extremely important to the protection of your home and family. Knowing this, Arrow has partnered with “GAF Smart Money” to bring you the fairest financing packages possible. We use an app sanctioned through GAF to run ONE “soft” credit checks against numerous financing options. This way, you’re pre-qualified for the best package(s) possible BEFORE we apply for the loan. This saves your credit from obtaining multiple inquiries to find the best deal. All our project managers are trained in using the smart money app. We use our tablets in-home, identify the terms that are perfect for you, pre-qualify you, and get you the loan needed to complete your project. All this takes about 20-25 minutes. You and your family will have peace of mind knowing your home is safe and you’re not breaking the bank.

man shaking hands with roofing contractor after reviewing financing options for his roofing project lansing mi